The strength of reputation goal awareness

A new method to increase competitive strength

The AnteMago-method makes organizations conscious of their reputation goal on a daily basis. This enables them to direct all efforts on achieving that goal, and their interactions with their target groups will become more purposive and more effective. The result is increased competitive strength and a higher return on all marketing investments.


To achieve this we coach the organization to a new operational awareness that encompasses 4 distinct dimensions:

  • How to look: get a new perspective, you'll see different things (MarCy);
  • How to listen: ask other questions, you'll get new information (Ri-Xp);
  • How to communicate: change the way you present things, it will give your audience a new understanding (Ansoff-X);
  • How to act: live up to your promises, make all actions of your organization concur with your image/reputation goal (Soll-Ist).