Your organization proves a strong performer when its customers and beneficiaries recommend it to others. Such a positive reputation is real competitive strength. You'll need consistent effort to obtain it, and sustained effort to maintain it. Are all of your staff aware of this on a daily basis?

And how competitive is your organization today?


Promises will attract customers, but living up to them determines whether they'll return, or even stay. Does the operational performance of your organization match its promises? Is your staff sufficiently aware of what customers have come to expect and how to deal with these expectations?


The AnteMago method helps organizations get this right, public and private sectors alike. Through a clear focus on an organization's reputation goal we bring about the operational match between promises and behaviour. The AnteMago method makes organizations 'reputation goal-driven'. This results in significant performance gains, as it makes all interactions - internally as well as with the external target groups - noticeably more effective.


We readily would give you a good understanding of how the AnteMago method could benefit your organization. For our presentation we request 30 minutes of your time. Hear us out, you'll find it time well spent.